Chicken with Lemon and Soy Sauce

Ahhhhh, busy busy busy. Although its still the first week of our Easter vacation, it seems like this isn’t going to be much of a holiday. Various deadlines for projects, applications, coursework, etc are coming up, and I think we’re all getting a little frazzled. *sigh* And the thing I want to do most when I feel like this is cook up some comfort food like cookies or muffins or something. Sigh. Figures. Hope I’ll be able to manage it, but oh well. We’ll see, I guess. Work should take first priority, hehe. 😉

Anyway, the boys have also been rather unimaginative in their cooking, probably because of the same reason. Or maybe not. Since I always seem to catch them playing games of their computers.

Anyway, yesterday, Hadi made the exact same dish he cooked up about a week or so ago. We’re not out of the Rempah Sop yet, so I believe we’ll be having it pretty often. The one advantage of it, I suppose, is that there’s very little to wash up. And the boys seem to like it a lot.

And today, Justin made what he calls a “random dish” consisting mainly of soy sauce and lemons. Unfortunately, I will not be able to tell you how much of each he used. Probably 90% soy sauce, 5% lemon juice, and a dash of everything else, from what it tasted like. 😛 Here we go.

What you need:
3 chicken thighs
Sweet soy sauce (kicap manis)
Lemon juice
Worcestershire sauce
Garlic granules
Ginger powder
Extra water

What you do:

  1. Marinate the chicken in all the ingredients except water.
  2. Boil the water in a saucepan and add the chicken with marinade sauce.
  3. Simmer until soup is thick and syrupy, and chicken is cooked through.

Apparently, when he first boiled the chicken, the whole thing turned very frothy, almost white. The boys guessed that this was due to the lemon juice, but I suppose we’ll never know.

The dish … wasn’t too bad. It tasted almost like normal ayam kicap, except for the slight tang of lemon. Hadi claimed that it burned the back of his throat, but it really wasn’t that strong. I barely tasted it. Other than that, it tastes like any other ayam kicap. I would up the lemon, or maybe even use lime.

And um… yeah. That’s it for now, I guess? 😛

Quote of the day: I am not a glutton. I am an explorer of food.