Buttermilk Chicken, TPH-Style!


This recipe has been replaced with a newer post. Check it out here: Buttermilk Chicken!

Last week, one of the recipes I used for dinner was really really bad. So bad, that Justin thought that I made up the recipe myself, that I really can’t cook! Hadi agreed also… o.0 Meanies!

Well, in order to prove them wrong, I declared that the first dinner I cook this week would be a totally original one, made up by Ihsan Nazurah. Although…I *was* a bit worried, since I never did it before…

Taking my inspiration from TPH’s popular Nyonya Chicken (buttermilk/butter chicken to some), I decided to try and replicate that. Many attempts to do so in the past ahd always resulted in failure. Today, however, was different. Lo and behold! It turned out good!!!! The chicken was crisp, under a creamy sweetish spicy-ish sauce. Very close to the original! I am *so* proud of myself 😀

I know some people have been looking for this recipe, so here it is! I don’t claim that it is 100% the same, but I would say its pretty close. Enjoy! (PS It IS a bit unhealthy though… o.0) The amounts are just approximations, since I just made this recipe up. ‘Sides, the greatest chefs don’t use measurements, hehehe 😉

This recipe has been replaced with a newer post. Check it out here: Buttermilk Chicken!

Ta-dah! And you get buttermilk chicken almost as good as that from TPH! And the other two have acknowledged by greatness! Muahahaha! By the way, Hadi thinks that it might be better if you just use condensed milk (susu manis) instead of evaporated (susu cair). If you use that, dilute with water and don’t add sugar. This would be buttermilk chicken v2, by the way. 🙂

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  1. azmida

    OMG! iv been searching for this recipe for a very long time..my search in the net always hopeless. thank you so much 😀

  2. Ihsan

    no problem! 😀 Believe me, I know the very search you did… I did it myself, long before I created this blog, hehe. Good luck in making it!

  3. zimmers

    I liked this one! Though I think I put too many chillies. Hello Ka Ihsan! 😀 If your feed says that someone from Coventry/Warwickshire has been visiting your blog, it’s probably me 😛

  4. Ihsan

    haha, hi! I always put too much chilli jua… underestimated the strength of the dried chillies. 😛

  5. fdzy

    salaam. serving utk how many ni? Im a HUGE fan of buttermilk hehe. Thanks in advance

  6. Ihsan

    Waalaikumsalam. 🙂 The serving size depends on the amount of chicken you use. For me, I find that 500g of chicken serves 3-4 people, depending on how hungry they are. 😛

  7. tiltednotion

    Big thanks for the recipe! Now i’m done with dinner 🙂 You really need to compile all of your recipes and maybe publish it? Best Regards.

  8. mizarwen

    hahaha…now i officially noe d recipe after a long long longggggggggg tym searching on it. TQ Ihsan for sharing ds. Will try to blog it f i successfully cook it 😉 Tnx again..bleh show off c awg. hohohoo

  9. Anonymous

    thanks!! this really helps..coz i’ve been trying a lot of times buttermilk chix..its hard u know..hehe

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks!!!! My most favorite dishes.. I’ll try to experiment it first. If I could beat Babu’s Kitchen’s one, that would be better…

  11. Anonymous

    thx for the post – I am a big fan of buttermilk chicken after 4 years living in Brunei – probably too big my clothes would say! Think it will be perfect for Sunday dinner..cheers

  12. Anonymous

    can i use butter yang tin atu? yang goldenchurch. or mesti yang cube atu? :S

  13. Ihsan

    Thanks for alll your comments!

    And the latest anonymous, yang dalam tin atu should be okay. =)

  14. Anonymous

    o gawd! i tried ur version and it was a success, tengkiu berabis eh. i never got it right till i tried urs. kids have been having it for lunch for 4 days straight coz they loved it so much n won’t eat anything else until their appetite was sated. alum plg kelemuan but it should be a treat since it is a bit on the unhealthy side! nda ku pandai menghealthykan, nda tia nyaman

  15. Anonymous

    hi i was tired of cooking prawn the same old way and wanted to know how to make butter milk prawn and I got into your blog… Lo and Be Hold!!!THANKS!! will try and let u know!!


  16. Boy Boy

    Hi. Tried it first time in Miri last week. Yummy! Thanks loads for the recipe. Just a question, u used black or white pepper?

  17. Nadya

    hye there, here’s another idea, perhaps you might want to try it.

    Here’s the ingredients:

    2 cloves of garlic (crushed or blend)
    2 shallots or medium sized onion (blend)
    cili padi (ikut personal preference)
    1-2 stalk of curry leaves
    3-4 tbsp butter
    1 cup evaporated milk or fresh milk

    1. Fry the chicken and set it aside just like you did.

    2. In a frying pan over low heat, melt the butter and sauté the garlic and blended onion until golden, together with the curry leaves and cili padi.

    3. Put in the milk, stir a bit and let it thicken. Put just a lil bit of seasoning or salt.

    4. Put in your chicken or just it pour over the chicken.

    Try it! It might be better.. or not.. I’m not sure but it’s nice. I tried it a few times already. I’m just sharing though 😀

    you guys ni mesti study di perantauan kan.. coz this is when cooking matters the most! 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    thank you for the recipe. i made it just now and it taste great! i’ve search everywhere for the right recipe and this is the right one. 🙂

  19. Tie Fatimah

    Assalamualaikum Ihsan. I like this recipe after my adopted sister from Brunei suggest me to cook it . Now I want to try it. Hopefully it’s taste good for the first trial. Thank you for the recipe! :))

  20. Ihsan

    Waalaikumsalam. 🙂 You’re welcome. It’s a really easy recipe and super tasty! Hope you like it.

  21. Anonymous

    Thanks for the recipe! My husband who has been eating this dish at a restaurant all the time said the taste is 99% correct! Haha. Oh, he also kept asking when I was going to put in buttermilk. He has only just realized that it’s butter + milk! 🙂 thanks again!

  22. Anonymous

    Try adding one whole boiled —>mashed salted egg!!! From creamy taste to a rich taste!!!

  23. Anonymous

    Hi. I tried this recipe. It was, well, loved by everyone. But it’s buttermilk. I noticed something though. It doesn’t get the right color as the one I bought from hawker centre. So just asking. You don’t use kunyit at all??

  24. Anonymous

    HI, I tried out the recipe and just wish to share..100% delicious. It is just like the one I ordered from the restaurant. Thanks for sharing

  25. Ihsan

    Guys. This is probably a bit late but I noticed that a lot of people are still going to this page. Reading all the old comments, it seems like people have problems with it not being “yellow” enough. The yellow comes from the butter, so if you want it to be coloured, use a LOT of butter. And I do mean a lot.

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